Inside Asian Gaming (IAG) has formally ended all business relationships with SiGMA Group, including an Asian Lead Media Partner agreement for SiGMA Manila under which IAG was to heavily promote the event and an agreement to produce the daily trade show newspaper. The termination was made by IAG after repeated communications by IAG with SiGMA in respect of differences in journalistic ethical behaviour.

Disagreements arose in relation to the copyright of articles which were authored by IAG.

IAG takes great pride in its deep domain knowledge of the Asian gaming industry, acquired through decades of hard work across the length and breadth of Asia. This deep domain knowledge underpins IAG’s ability to independently generate story ideas, and to research and write its own articles. IAG invests heavily to ensure it has the editorial resources in place to maintain its position as the Asian gaming industry’s leading B2B media brand.

IAG vigorously defends its copyright in all works it authors and always credits the rightful copyright owners of any works it refers to in articles published on its website or in the Inside Asian Gaming monthly magazine.


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